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We try our best to match the best prices so that you will get the most value for your currency. 

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With a dedicated team, SavisForEx has managed to become a trusted source for offering competitive exchange rates. Our management team constantly monitors and analyzes the market exchange rates and the economic news to be able to offer the most value to our clients. We work hard to ensure your peace of mind, so that you can walk out of our office knowing that you received the most value for your currency.

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If you need to exchange money often for your business, you can save even more with us by becoming a Savis Frequent Client.

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We value you and the business you bring us  

At Boutique Savis inc. we value each and every customer and do our best to make sure you walk out of here with satisfaction.

At SavisForEx, we work relentlessly to be a trusted source for our clients by offering the most value back to them.

Planning your trip

In order to get the most value for your dollar, make sure to visit us before your next trip. You can save up to 15 % when exchanging your money with us compared to rates offered by banks and other exchange offices. 

The most important thing for us is giving you back the most value

What is the spot rate

The spot rate or the middle rate defines exchange offices' selling and buying rates  =>  XE.COM